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Navigating the digital landscape

TIPi Group recognise it is more important than ever to support brands in preparing for the future. In place of our bi-annual Shaping the Future Breakfasts, the TIPi team are taking the talks online to bring clients a series of industry knowledge sharing sessions.

From ‘The Now & The Next’ where we feature conversations with leading brands aimed at exploring how disruption can be leveraged as a chance to change tactics and drive industry innovation, to our department featured industry update sessions where we’ll provide you with updates on the latest tool, tech and trends – we’re here to help you drive success in your strategy.

Past Webinars:

Back to School with ROAST’s Paid Media Team

Thursday, 26th, May, 2022 @ 11:00 AM

Are you looking for a speedy tour of the latest industry updates and what their implications are? Come 'Back to School' with us on 26th May at 11AM.

The ROAST Paid Media team provide a ‘back-to-school’ session to get you up to speed with new platform changes and how they will affect the digital marketing industry.

Our duo of Alex Sheppard and Patrick Kearney, PPC Account Executives take us through various digital marketing channels including LinkedIn, Facebook and Google Analytics as well as the imminent move towards RSA’s.

The 'Back to School' session will outline;

Performance Max
- Upcoming updates to Smart Shopping & Local: their impacts
- Recommended best practice

Google Ads Editor 2.0:
- Performance Max
- Further updates

The Imminent move towards RSA’s:
- Google Sunsetting ETA’s
- The new recommended best practice

Google Analytics 4:
- The Shift away from GA3
- Updates to GA4

- What has changed
- How it impacts us

Social Updates:
- The Rebrand
- Targeting changes

- Changes to the platform

The session will be followed by a Q&A where you can delve into the questions you have for our speakers.

Kitty Talks Setting Up for Success: How the Right eCommerce Partners can help your Brand Make The Most of Peak Periods

Thursday, 11th, November, 2021 @ 10:00 AM

Kitty Talks returns on Thursday 11th November at 10 AM to discuss the considerations eCommerce brands need to take to ensure smooth running in the lead up to Peak period.

Whether you are launching a new website, going international or trying to navigate around pain points such as Brexit, our eCommerce experts will be on hand to provide actionable insights to help you get planning.

Rob Knight, Managing Director at Kitty will be sitting down with Angus Blest, Head of Commercial Partnerships EU at Adyen and Deepak Anand, Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships at BigCommerce to provide actionable insights for your brand. Don’t miss out! Register now to secure your place at Kitty Talks.

Travel Insights to Fuel Impactful Digital Plays in 2022

Thursday, 28th, October, 2021 @ 10:00 AM

Consumer attitudes and behaviours towards travel have shifted dramatically. The better marketers can understand these shifts, the bigger the competitive advantage they will gain over their rivals. Many marketers are now asking how their customers' needs and desires have changed, and what they can to reach and convert them.

Join Garry Nelson, Group Head of Marketing at AllClear Travel Insurance, Chris Roe, Director at Sound Travel Group and Jamie Ross-Skinner, Insights Manager at TIPi Group on 28th October at 10AM.

Register today to hear the latest trends, behaviours and market analysis and arm yourself to make the more impactful marketing decisions in 2022.

‘Back to School’ with ROAST’s SEO team

Thursday, 21st, October, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

Are you looking for a snappy update on the latest tools, tech and trends across the fast-paced SEO industry? Come ‘Back to School’ on the 21st of October at 10 AM with ROAST’s SEO team to get up to speed with industry developments that have hit the landscape since February.

Register now to join our SEO experts, Aimee Metcalf and James George for a speedy tour of all the Google updates since February 2021, along with rumoured upcoming updates.

What is a Google Update?

A Google update includes any change made to Google's algorithm to calculate rankings for websites. It’s important for SEOs to be aware of these changes so they can optimize websites to perform better as they can have a large impact on organic ranking and SERP positions. Google usually makes around six hundred updates a year; most being unannounced, however many have been announced since February.

Some of the main 2021 Google updates the team will cover in the session are outlined below:

Google Passage Ranking:

  • What is Passage Ranking and how does this affect web pages?

Google Product Review update:

  • What is the Product Review update?
  • Tips and recommendations for creating high quality product review content.

Google June Broad Core update/July Broad Core update:

  • What is a Core update? Why was this update split across June/July?
  • How can Google Core updates impact websites and how can you prepare for these?

Google Page Experience update:

  • What are Core Web Vitals?
  • How does Google measure page experience?

Google Link Spam update:

  • What is the Google Spam update?
  • Will delve into case studies to accentuate how to know if you have been impacted by this update.

Google Title Rewrite:

  • Why would Google re-write meta titles?

Google Mum update:

  • What is the MUM update?
  • How is the MUM update being used?

The team will also be digging into rumoured updates to look out for so you can pre-empt these changes and put necessary measures into place.

Places are limited, register below to secure your spot!

Voice Search Visibility for FMCG brands: is your Brand Getting it Right or Wrong?

Wednesday, 20th, October, 2021 @ 10:00 AM

Join the Rabbit & Pork team as they delve into how well FMCG brands are performing in voice search.

We’ll be digging into proprietary research of 93 FMCG brands, looking at real examples of what brands have, and haven’t done to improve their voice visibility. We’ll also cover off what happens when a user tries to buy one of your products and how the experience differs on Google vs Alexa. Finally, we’ll look at the ways brands can use voice apps to sell products to customers.

In this session, we’ll be including observations on the following brands.

• Cathedral City Cheese
• Coca Cola
• Quorn
• Lucozade
• Kelloggs
• + more

‘Back to School’ with ROAST’s Paid Media team: Tools, Tech and Trends across Google, Microsoft, Social & Amazon

Wednesday, 22nd, September, 2021 @ 10:00 AM

Looking for a snappy update on the latest tools, tech and trends in the fast-paced Digital Performance industry? The ROAST Paid Media team will be providing a one-hour ‘back-to-school’ session to get you up to speed with the newest industry developments.

Our panel of experts at ROAST: George Stolton, Rebecca Bampton, and James Dawkins will be taking us on a whistle-stop-tour of updates across Google, Microsoft, Social & Amazon including:

Instagram: We’ll be digging into Instagram’s move to expand ads across both Reels and their Shopping tab, monetising the platform even further.

Google ads: Our experts will be taking us through updates across Google Ads including advertising and thinking forward in a ‘cookieless’ world, the move to make Responsive Ad formats the only Text ad format on Google Ads and additional tax on Google Ads for even more countries, already active for the UK, Turkey and Austria.

Facebook: Changes are coming for Facebook advertisers. We’ll be chatting through some of these changes including the new ability to import Facebook Ads campaigns assets to Microsoft Ads in minutes.

Preparing for Peak season: Our final stop will look forward to peak season. With Black Friday and Christmas fast approaching, and a gap in data from the past year, we’ll be digging into trends data to help you plan effectively.

The Digital ROASTing with The Ozone Project

Thursday, 19th, August, 2021 @ 10:00 AM

Join us on The Digital ROASTing where we turn a spotlight to The Ozone Project, the digital advertising platform created for brands by the UK’s leading publishers. In this session, Joel Woodage, Agency Hub Lead at The Ozone Project will sit down with Matt Lines, Display Director at ROAST for a quick-fire Q&A. The pair will be digging into consumer trends and opportunities for The Ozone Project across 2021 as well as the impact of Google’s delay to go cookie-less. Got 25 minutes spare to see information turn into action for your brand? Register now through the link below (spaces are limited!)

The Digital ROASTing: Snap

Wednesday, 09th, June, 2021 @ 10:00 AM

Curious about the future of advertising on Snap? In the latest instalment of The Digital ROASTing, we sit down with Claire Valoti, Vice President of the EMEA Business at Snap Inc. for a quick-fire Q&A on all things Snap. Snapchat is currently used by 90% of 18-24 year olds in North America and Europe, and boasts 280+ million daily active users around the world. The vast and growing community, alongside the platform’s innovations in emerging technologies presents exciting opportunities for advertisers. In this session we’ll be covering challenges and trends on the platform in 2021, the latest innovations within Augmented Reality and opportunities for advertisers within this space. Join us for 25 minutes to see information turn into action for your brand. Register now through the link below (spaces are limited!).

The Digital ROASTing: Google

Wednesday, 21st, April, 2021 @ 10:00 AM

In our second instalment of The Digital ROASTing, John Barham, Managing Director at ROAST will be joined by Lloyd Bradley, Agency Development Manager at Google for a quick-fire discussion with actionable takeaways to help you maximise your search strategy. We’ll be covering Google’s tips for recovery post-COVID, the user trends and platform updates that are informing effective search strategies, and preparing for a cookie-less world. Got 25 minutes spare to see information turn into action for your brand? Register now through the link below (spaces are limited!)

The Digital ROASTing: Microsoft Advertising

Wednesday, 31st, March, 2021 @ 10:00 AM

This time on The Digital ROASTing, John Barham, Managing Director at ROAST, will sit down with Microsoft Advertising’s Marion Gould for a quick-fire, no-fluff session. We’ll be covering Microsoft Advertising's tips for recovery following COVID-19, advice for capitalising on customer trends the platform is seeing and guidance on new features such as the Microsoft Audience Network. Got 25 minutes spare to see information turn into action for your brand? Register now through the link below (spaces are limited!)

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