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The Now & The Next

What happens when you can't shape the future?Navigating the current market with TIPi GroupWednesday's @ 10am

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What happens when you can't Shape the Future?

TIPi Group recognise it is more important than ever to support brands in preparing for the future. In place of our bi-annual Shaping the Future Breakfasts, the TIPi team are taking the talks online to bring clients a series of industry knowledge sharing sessions – ‘The Now and The Next’.

TIPi Group will feature conversations with leading brands and suppliers; aimed at exploring how disruption can be leveraged as a chance to change tactics and drive industry innovation. Our online discussions look to provide on-going opportunities for brands to share industry challenges they’re facing during the disruptive period, and to present insights into various pitfalls to avoid, and opportunities to seize.

By sharing the vast experience and insights from others in what can only be described as a period where you cannot ‘Shape the Future’, we hope to not only support and prepare brands for times ahead, but also to inspire you to use leverage this disruptive period as a chance to innovate.

Past Webinars:

The Now & The Next: Retail – Challenges, Changes & Opportunities

Wednesday, 05th, August, 2020 @ 10:00 AM

Our seventh episode of ‘The Now & The Next’ sees us sit down for a one on one Q&A session with Roger Binks to discuss the current changes, opportunities and challenges the retail industry is seeing, business innovation taking place as a result of the pandemic and how Binks found and created work, including launching a new venture, after finding himself redundant after 20 years of continuous employment.

Previously working for the likes of Dixons, The Marriot, IWG and Intu, Binks will give an insight into dealing with redundancy and how it inspired him to lead his latest venture: BINKS – his consultancy that builds bespoke solutions to connect experience with value. From building great teams, to scaling from working with one brand a year to 10, to building a better bottom line experience – register your place below to ensure you don’t miss out on hearing about how personal change can drive industry innovation.

The Now & The Next: The Way Forward for the Finance Industry

Wednesday, 01st, July, 2020 @ 10:00 AM

Our sixth instalment of ‘The Now & The Next’ will focus on the Finance sector. Nicola Charles, Chief Marketing Officer GI at Aviva, formerly of RBS, LV=, Hastings Direct and reviti, will be joined by James Rowland, Digital Performance Director at Refinitiv, and Mike Best, Chief Growth Officer at TIPi Group. The panellists will sit down with Peter Cowie, Top Banana at From Good to Great, to discuss the effects of COVID-19 on the Finance industry, asking what will change and what will remain the same as we move towards a new normal. The panellists will predict what will set apart winners and losers as the landscape undergoes a period of rapid change, and explore how the power of digital can be harnessed to shape the future of Finance. Register below to make sure you don't miss out.

The Now & The Next: Dealing with Disruption in The Gambling Industry

Wednesday, 24th, June, 2020 @ 10:00 AM

Our fifth instalment of ‘The Now & The Next’ will deep dive into the Gambling Industry. Peter Cowie, Top Banana at From Good to Great will be joined on the panel by Gareth Owen, Group Managing Director at TIPi Group, Jessica Hodgson, Group Client Services Director at TIPi Group and John Campbell, MD at Rabbit & Pork.

The panellists will be discussing key findings from TIPi Group’s latest whitepaper, A Shifting Landscape: The Gambling Industry during and after COVID-19, including: what’s next for sportsbook, the acceleration of the shift towards online, the ongoing threat of further regulation and the importance of marketing during a recession. Register through the link below.

The Now & The Next: Steering change in FMCG & Hospitality

Wednesday, 03rd, June, 2020 @ 10:00 AM

Our fourth ‘The Now & The Next’ sees us sit down to discuss the impact COVID-19 has had on the FMCG & Hospitality industry. As another industry that is totally disrupted in the current climate, we talk through initial response strategies, developing plans as the ‘lockdown’ begin to loosen, and hear how the sector plans for the future. Peter Cowie (Top Banana) sits down for a one-on-one session with Cemal Ezel (Founder & CEO of Change Please, a social enterprise where homeless people can train up as baristas and serve coffee) to discuss how he is navigating this challenging period. Secure your place to view the live session by registering through the link below.

The Now & The Next: Navigating the Insurance Industry

Wednesday, 20th, May, 2020 @ 10:00 AM

Our third ‘The Now & The Next’ session will focus on the Insurance sector, in which businesses of all sizes are seeing great impact, negative & positive, during the current period. Peter Cowie (Top Banana) will sit down with Paul Wishman, (Vice President, Insurance at CGI, Previously LV= and esure), James Turnbull (Experienced Chief Digital Officer, previously Domestic & General and The AA) and Jess Hodgson (Client Services Director at TIPi Group) to discuss everything from customer communication, staff pressures & call centre capacities, technical innovation and strategic re-thinking to help us to understand what the insurance industry needs to do next to keep customers loyal and navigate the daily changes the pandemic has thrust upon us. Register below to make sure you don't miss out.

The Now & The Next: Disruption in the Travel Industry

Wednesday, 06th, May, 2020 @ 10:00 AM

For the second instalment of The Now & The Next we are focusing on the Travel sector specifically. Peter Cowie (Top Banana) will sit down with Chris Roe (Commercial Director at Sound Travel and formerly Senior Board Member at Virgin Holidays and Accor Hotels), Ricardo Gato (Marketing Director at Cookson Adventures) and Gareth Owen (Managing Director at TIPi Group) to discuss how they have shifted their strategies and what they are doing to plan for the future. The session is set to provide some deep dives into the changes that have been unfortunately forced upon them and how they have readjusted their strategy to ensure they are prepared for ‘The Next’. One not to miss!

The Now & The Next: Agency Responses to COVID-19

Wednesday, 29th, April, 2020 @ 10:00 AM

Ollie Bishop (CEO & Founder of TIPi Group), Kevin Brown (Co-Founder of Electric Glue) and Gareth Mercer (Founding Partner at Pablo) join Top Banana Peter Cowie to discuss the agency impact during COVID 19 and what internal adjustments they have made at this time. As Marketing budgets are being impacted across the globe, the three agency leaders explain they are navigating their businesses through this challenging period, including their recovery roadmaps and how agility and collaboration have been a key part of pulling together.