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TIPi Academy


August 12th - 23rd

Applications are now closed

Keen to work in digital, advertising or marketing? We are looking for future media talent. Apply for our free course to find out what role suits your skills and interests the best.


Grad schemes are rubbish. Big companies push young people through crazily long-winded selection processes and into jobs that they have no idea if they’ll actually like.

At TIPi Group, we do things a little differently.

Our Academy’s primary aim is to educate, rather than recruit. We give a select group of grads two weeks of free interactive digital training; we educate them and let them hone their skills – and if any of them really excel, we offer them a job at the end of the process.


Over the course of two weeks you’ll be given tasters of over twenty different digital disciplines, including Branding, PPC, SEO, Paid Social, Insights & Strategy, Content Marketing and Data & Analytics.

Don’t panic, you’re not expected to know everything after two weeks. Our hope is just that these taster sessions will help guide you towards your passion. We want you to find the place in the digital ecosystem where you fit in best.


After your two weeks we’ll give you a TIPi Academy Certificate of Completion and an industry reference.

You’ll also be taking your Google AdWords exams – of course we can’t guarantee you’ll pass these, but last year all of our Academists were successful, so we think you’ve got a decent chance.

And, if we think you’re really awesome and we’ve got a role we think you’d love, then we might even offer you a full-time role.


The Academy is totally free, we just ask you are ready to start your career in the media industry!

Academy Blog

What Our Graduates Say

    “The Academy enabled me to find which role best suits my skills. It is also a rare and invaluable opportunity to experience digital agency life before committing to work and I could not recommend it more to anyone on the hunt for their first job in the industry.”

    Frances White

    PPC Account Executive at The Market

    “I knew I wanted to work in the digital industry but I was struggling to tell the difference between all the job specs and what each role would entail. The Academy helped me understand which specific role I was looking for (by offering a brilliant insight into the structure and workings of the agency).”

    Suzy Heath

    SEO Account Executive at ROAST

    “I haven’t seen this kind of course or structure anywhere else, it’s a really great system! It was a great combination of theoretical classroom learning, alongside practical application and then a sort of simulation of what project work would be like in the culminating pitch we did to management.”

    Francis Raho-Jeavons

    Content Marketing Executive at ROAST

    “An aspect of the course which I thought was extremely helpful was that all the speakers introduced themselves and their journey in the industry – helping us to see the different possible career paths available. They all gave some form of advice on life and finding the right job for you in general.”

    Hamid Khan

    PPC Account Executive at ROAST

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Applications are currently closed

If you’d like us to keep you updated with any upcoming Academy openings, please let us know by emailing with this request.


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