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TIPi ACADEMY FOR Junior Talent


2 - 11 July 2024

Keen to work in digital, advertising, or marketing but don’t know what role you are looking for? Apply for our free two-week course – we’ll train you up in all disciplines and help you to find your slot in the industry.


What is the TIPi Academy?
Why did we build the Academy?
What will you take away with you?
Why choose us?

The TIPi Academy’s core goal is to introduce the students to a host of digital disciplines including PPC, SEO, Programmatic, Mobile, Display, Content Marketing, Paid Social, Amazon Marketing, and Data & Analytics.

As well as this, we teach more broadly applicable media disciplines such as Strategy and Insights, as well as Customer Experience.

As well as these technical skills and theoretical groundings, we also teach our Academists soft skills. Our Interview and Presentation training sessions give practical tips on how body language and speech can be harnessed to give yourself the best possible chance in a high-pressure situation.

The two-week deep dive takes place in our offices, so you can truly see what it would be like to work in an agency day-to-day and we hope at the end you’ll find the place in the digital ecosystem where you fit in best.


We’re proud that such a young scheme has already won recognition from several professional bodies.

What Our Graduates Say

Read what our graduates have to say about their TIPi Academy experiences.

    Hamid & Francis in Rabbit & Pork’s Voice App workshop

    “An aspect of the course which I thought was extremely helpful was that all the speakers introduced themselves and their journey in the industry – helping us to see the different possible career paths available. They all gave some form of advice on life and finding the right job for you in general.”

    Hamid Khan

    PPC Account Executive at ROAST

    Class of Summer 2019 finding out the winners of the pitch competition on our roof terrace

    “The main challenge I faced during the Academy was, as there were so many large personalities on the course, I sometimes struggled to speak out enough and ask the questions I wanted to. For that reason, I was so grateful to have the interview training and the drinks at the end of the Academy, as these provided great opportunities for me to interact one-on-one with many members of the TIPi Group and ask the questions I wanted to.”

    Sarah White

    Paid Media Account Executive at ROAST

    Sarah (now Paid Media AE at ROAST) & Ed (now Paid Media AE at The Market) in their final pitch presentation (which they won!)

    “My favourite part of the course was the pitch challenge at the end. We were assessed by senior management – I really appreciated that they took the time to do this as their feedback was invaluable. It was also a totally new experience for me, I hadn’t done any presenting or selling at uni. At the beginning of the task, I barley had an idea of what we were actually being asked to produce, but by the end, I was shocked that I’d learnt so much and by what I could pull together for it!”

    Suzy Heath

    SEO Account Executive at ROAST

    Class of Summer 2019 working on their PR task set by our content team

    “Perhaps less a perception, but I was surprised by the technical aspects of digital marketing. Coming from a degree where things were mostly theoretical, learning about AI and the coding aspects that apply for many of the disciplines of digital marketing sparked an interest in me to further learn how to, for example, code – something I never thought I would say.”

    Christina Daskajiannis

    Marketing Executive at TIPi Group

    Class of Summer 2018 sporting their TIPi Group hats!

    “I haven’t seen this kind of course or structure anywhere else, it’s a really great system! It was a great combination of theoretical classroom learning, alongside practical application and then a sort of simulation of what project work would be like in the culminating pitch we did to management.”

    TIPi Academy


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