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Bebe joined ROAST as a Paid Social and PPC Account Executive after graduating from our first ever Academy in August 2018.

One year on, how have you found life at TIPi Group?

Life at TIPi Group has been incredible! Everyone is so supportive and I’m surrounded by a very inspiring team, so it’s been the perfect place to start my career

What aspect of your role have you enjoyed the most?

I’m fascinated at how our lives have become dependent on all things digital, so it’s amazing to be part of an industry at the forefront of this. Paid Search and Social are particularly fast paced, and I really enjoy always having more to learn.

What has been your favourite house event?

Even though I was terrible at it, it would have to be bowling. Not only did Gravy win, but there was a major karaoke session afterwards.  

What are you looking forward to in the next sixth months?

I’m looking forward to taking on more responsibility on my accounts and greater exposure to different platforms – particularly Amazon.

What would your advice be to anyone trying to get into the digital industry?

Apply to the TIPi Academy!  

What are your next goals?

To actually hit the ball in softball.

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Our Academy requirements are slim – we only ask that you have a keen interest in joining the digital or advertising industry.

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