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Nine Academists, with nine different university degrees, came through our doors.

“My perception that everyone comes from a background or degree in marketing was proved wrong. I also didn’t realise how quickly you can potentially progress in an agency like the TIPi Group and how early on you can have client contact.”
Frances White, Paid Media Account Executive at The Market

31 lovely speakers across 17 different disciplines enlightened our students. Our trainers came from all four of our agencies (Kitty, ROAST, Rabbit & Pork and The Market) and from all seniority levels to introduce our students to all things digital.

“The most valuable thing I learnt from the TIPi Academy was during John’s talk about advertising on Amazon. This talk particularly stood out to me as I had never considered this platform as an advertising vehicle before.”
Sarah White, Paid Media Account Executive at ROAST

Nine Academists agreed in our feedback that the TIPi Academy was a better and more useful experience than traditional work experience and internship structures.

“For me, the mock interviews and feedback, as well as the pitch process, were unbelievably valuable experiences, helping me develop skills that I will use throughout my career.”
Bebe Ross, Paid Media Account Executive at ROAST

One take-over day, held by an external agency, Electric Glue, our media broker partner, to talk brand, strategy and media buying.

‘Electric Glue’s take over day is our first step towards building modern marketers. At TIPi Group, we believe that the future of the industry is to train individuals up with a 360-degree understanding of the marketing industry, siloed knowledge is a thing of the past.
Jessica Hollingbery, Senior Marketing Manager & TIPi Academy Founder

Four Group Pitches were made to five members of TIPi Group’s senior management team.

“Working on the presentations really showed us how marketing strategy comes together – this was totally new to me and is something I am now much more confident in having done it!”
SEO Account Executive at ROAST

Nine Academists agreed that before the TIPi Academy they knew little about digital marketing and the array of roles available. All nine agreed that afterwards, they had a clear insight into each discipline and job role, helping them to understand which one they wanted to pursue.

“Digital Marketing isn’t really like advertising at all like I knew it, that’s because I had watched Mad Men.”
Suzy Heath, SEO Account Executive at ROAST

One pretty special roof terrace was enjoyed in the sunshine by Academists every day at lunch.

Nine Academists agreed that the Academy inspired them to work in the digital marketing industry.

‘It was really interesting to get to hear about the field from people who work in it, who can tell you how it actually works and what their workday looks like. This really allowed me to picture what it would be like if I worked in the industry.’
Katie Maerten, SEO Account Executive at ROAST

Nine Academists left donning fantastic TIPi Group hats!

What this means to us.

At TIPi Group, we are constantly trying to evolve and innovate to ensure that our Academists receive the best possible training over the two-week intensive course. We are restlessly curious about what attracts fresh, ambitious and diverse talent, and how we can adapt our recruitment and training initiative to get the best bunch! TIPi Academy aims to teach both the hard and soft skills of digital marketing and the wider advertising landscape. We strive to provide an honest insight into our collaborative culture, our affinity for hard work and the passion with which our employers work across all agencies.

The TIPi Academy will be running another session in early in 2020, so keep an eye out on our website and socials for more information, good luck!

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